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Indium is one of the softest metal that is not alkali in Nature. It is highly ductile and very easy to cut. It is so soft that it can be cut by just using a knife. It is easy to form Indium into any desired shape. This metal is quite rare in nature. It is generally found as a trace element in other materials such as zinc and lead. Indium has a low melting point of 156.6°C and hence it is not recommended for applications where temperatures tend to elevate more than the normal room temperature. It tends to burn into an indigo blue flame when they are used in elevated temperatures. The properties of Indium are very similar to that of the Gallium. Indium has become a vital part of the metal industry as it has found numerous applications in the form of Indium tin oxide (ITO). Indium is generally used in the industries for the production of low-melting alloys.

The Applications of the Indium are found in many industries. Indium oxide and indium tin oxide (ITO) are used in electroluminescent panels as a transparent conductive coating on glass substrates. They are widely used in the manufacturing of LCD panels. It has become an integral part of the industry for the manufacturing of various touch screens and flat screens. They are also used as semiconductors in microchips. Indium nitride, phosphide, and antimonite are some of the forms of Indium that are used in the manufacturing od transistors. They are also used for giving a mirror finish to windows of tall buildings because of their property of sticking to the glass. Goggles that are used during welding processes also use the Indium metal for giving them a protective film. Indium Wires are also widely used in industries as thermal conductors for high-vacuum applications because they provide a superlative vacuum seal. The Indium wires are also used in the fire sprinkler systems and heat controllers.



Product Name

Metal Indium



GB/T1475-2005 (Ga4N)



silver white solid



99.99% - 99.99999%


Atomic Weight



Melting Point :



Boiling Point :





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