Titanium Instrumentation Tube Fittings

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Titanium Instrumentation Tube Fittings are designed from superior quality of titanium alloy that possesses superior resistance to corrosion and high impact toughness at elevated temperatures. The grade is also recognized as the workhorse of the titanium industry. These alloys of fittings possess moderate strength and superior formability. These are generally used in aggressive circumstances where high resistance to corrosion is required. The alloy offers great resistance to both water and chemical media. Therefore the addition of chromium, molybdenum, copper and nickel content makes the fittings more resistant to various media. These titanium fittings remain stable up to the temperature of approximately 300 degree C because of its superior creep resistance and higher strength. Moreover, these demonstrate superior tensile and fatigue strength in hostile environments. Furthermore, these feature outstanding resistance to fracture and fatigue resistance. These fitting possess outstanding toughness and ductility. Under tough climatic circumstances, these ensure zero leakage and also retain superior high pressures. However, these instrumentation tube fittings are simple to operate and save cost and time due to the usage of the flexible seal. Due to its superior leak proof joints, these are capable of fulfilling high-pressure vibration and vacuum applications. These alloys of tube fittings have superior heat transfer capability and features non-magnetic character. Therefore these attain good weldability along with good stability.

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We Virgin Engineers are offering an exclusive assortment of Titanium Instrumentation Tube Fittings all across the globe. Our firm constitutes well experience personnel and latest resources in all sorts. As an acclaimed venture, we manufacture, supply, and export high-quality range product to our customers. We are very much dedicated towards our work; therefore, we raise the standard of our product and services to provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

In order to achieve a good quality product, we utilized the best quality of raw material for production. In addition to it we also utilize the most recent and upgraded tools and technology in order to achieve high quality and international standard product. Furthermore, we provide our product in all sorts of size, type, length, dimensions, and shapes according to the requirements of the clients.

We thoroughly check and inspect the entire material on every stage of production from receiving the raw material to its final processing of the finished product. Such a test is like a hardness test, pitting resistance test, mechanical test, positive material identification test, flaring test, macro/micro test. Other more tests are an ultrasonic test, hydrostatic test, chemical analysis, flattening test, intergranular corrosion testing, and tensile strength testing.

We prove the quality of the product by offering reliable and legal test certificates to the customers. These certificates are like third-party inspection reports, raw material test certificates and 100% radiography test reports.

To dispatch the quality product to the customers we carefully wrap the product in wooden cartons, wooden boxes, wooden pallets, and wooden cases and in wooden crates which protects the product from any severe harm and scratches during shipping.



Size Range

1/16” 1/2” & 1.5MM to 38.1MM

Titanium Instrumentation Tube Fittings Grades


Titanium Male Connector NPT-M
Male Connector NPT-M
Titanium Male Connector BSP-M
Male Connector BSP-M
Titanium Bulk Head Male Connector - BMC
Bulk Head Male Connector BMC
Titanium Male Elbow - ME
Male Elbow ME
Titanium 45 Deg Male Elbow - 45ME
45° Male Elbow 45ME
Titanium Male Branch Tee - MBT
Male Branch Tee MBT
Titanium Male Run Tee - MRT
Male Run Tee MRT
Titanium Female Connector - FC
Female Connector FC
Titanium Bulk Head Female Connector - BFC
Bulk Head Female Connector BFC
Titanium Female Elbow - FE
Female Elbow FE
Titanium Female Run Tee - FRT
Female Run Tee FRT
Titanium Female Branch Tee - FBT
Female Branch Tee FBT
Titanium Union - U
Union U
Titanium Reducer Union - RU
Reducer Union RU
Titanium Bulk Head Union - BU
Bulk Head Union BU
Titanium Union Elbow - UE
Union Elbow UE
Titanium Union Tee - UT
Union Tee UT
Titanium Union Cross - UC
Union Cross UC
Titanium Reducer - R
Reducer R
Titanium Bulk Head Reducer - BR
Bulk Head Reducer BR
Titanium Port Connector - PC
Port Connector PC
Titanium Male Adapter - MA
Male Adapter MA
Titanium Female Adapter - FA
Female Adapter FA
Titanium Cap - TC
Cap TC
Titanium Plug (Port Ends)
Plug (Port Ends) Tp
Titanium Tube Socket Weld Union - TSWU
Tube Socket Weld Union TSWU
Titanium Male Pipe Weld Connector - MPWC
Male Pipe Weld Connector MPWC
Titanium Tube Socket Weld Elbow - TSWE
Tube Socket Weld Elbow TSWE
Titanium Male Pipe Weld Elbow - MPWE
Male Pipe Weld Elbow MPWE
Titanium Back Ferrule - BF
Back Ferrule BF
Titanium Front Ferrule - FF
Front Ferrule FF

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