Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings

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Virgin engineers are an ISO certified company engaged in designing and development of industrial products such as Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings and other types of tube fittings. These instrumentation tube fittings are completely interchangeable with similar types of fittings. Though we have a network of service points in many countries, customers can send their inquiries directly to us from email address mentioned in our official site. Wherever the customer is available, we will submit an excerpt through a distributor in that territory. Our inborn strength is our sound infrastructure facilitated with advanced machines and the team of skilled workforce & professionals with more than decades of experience. Our production line is equipped with computerized machines where the production is achieved 100% accurate.

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The Inconel grade has been widely used in the marine and petroleum industries for applications requiring fracture toughness, high strength, corrosion resistance, fabricability, workability, and functionality. With an increase amount of titanium and niobium content, the alloy can significantly be strengthened by the heat treatment process. Inconel alloy offers high strength along with corrosion resistance. It is solid solution chromium and nickel alloy strengthened by the composition of niobium and molybdenum. It was soon recognized that alloy had the main area of applications in aqueous corrosion at moderate to higher temperatures.

The Inconel grade products are normally annealed in the temperature range between 1600 deg F to 1800 deg F that exhibit fine grain structure. The Inconel products are described as solution annealed and can be exposed in the 1100 deg F service, where the creep and rupture is concerned. Its specification requires minimal annealing in temperature up to 2000 deg F. The instrumentation tube fittings are normally annealed in temperature between 2050 deg F to 2150 deg F. Thus, this exhibits a coarse grain structure. It improves tube fittings resistance to creep and rupture even in the higher temperatures.

The fine grain tube fittings exhibit greatly improved fatigue resistance and thermal stability. The manufacturing process is closely controlled to produce particularly clean microstructure. Mechanical and thermal processing is performed to produce a fine grain size. Thus, this results in improves resistance to mechanical fatigue and improves performance in higher temperatures. Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings posses great weldability and can be exposed to fluctuating conditions even in the higher temperatures.

Our quality motto is performance, value, and reliability. We believe that consistent product performance only will result in product reliability which eventually develops a value for our customers. This is only possible with our stringent quality measure and tests. The applied while checking the quality of products is performed by technical experts having great knowledge in the same field. Those tests are a chemical test, pressure test, hardness test, pitting corrosion test, PMI test, micro test, mechanical test, compression test, and macro test. Other tests are a tensile test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, intergranular corrosion test, leakage test, visual inspection and more. Furthermore, the third party checks each a lot visually before dispatching. While placing an order of Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings customers can check its features, durability and other properties as well.



Size Range

1/16” 1/2” & 1.5MM to 38.1MM

Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings Grades


Inconel Male Connector NPT-M
Male Connector NPT-M
Inconel Male Connector BSP-M
Male Connector BSP-M
Inconel Bulk Head Male Connector - BMC
Bulk Head Male Connector BMC
Inconel Male Elbow - ME
Male Elbow ME
Inconel 45 Deg Male Elbow - 45ME
45° Male Elbow 45ME
Inconel Male Branch Tee - MBT
Male Branch Tee MBT
Inconel Male Run Tee - MRT
Male Run Tee MRT
Inconel Female Connector - FC
Female Connector FC
Inconel Bulk Head Female Connector - BFC
Bulk Head Female Connector BFC
Inconel Female Elbow - FE
Female Elbow FE
Inconel Female Run Tee - FRT
Female Run Tee FRT
Inconel Female Branch Tee - FBT
Female Branch Tee FBT
Inconel Union - U
Union U
Inconel Reducer Union - RU
Reducer Union RU
Inconel Bulk Head Union - BU
Bulk Head Union BU
Inconel Union Elbow - UE
Union Elbow UE
Inconel Union Tee - UT
Union Tee UT
Inconel Union Cross - UC
Union Cross UC
Inconel Reducer - R
Reducer R
Inconel Bulk Head Reducer - BR
Bulk Head Reducer BR
Inconel Port Connector - PC
Port Connector PC
Inconel Male Adapter - MA
Male Adapter MA
Inconel Female Adapter - FA
Female Adapter FA
Inconel Cap - TC
Cap TC
Inconel Plug (Port Ends)
Plug (Port Ends) Tp
Inconel Tube Socket Weld Union - TSWU
Tube Socket Weld Union TSWU
Inconel Male Pipe Weld Connector - MPWC
Male Pipe Weld Connector MPWC
Inconel Tube Socket Weld Elbow - TSWE
Tube Socket Weld Elbow TSWE
Inconel Male Pipe Weld Elbow - MPWE
Male Pipe Weld Elbow MPWE
Inconel Back Ferrule - BF
Back Ferrule BF
Inconel Front Ferrule - FF
Front Ferrule FF

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