What is Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings?

What is Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings?

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings offer leak-proof, torque-free sealing for all tubing connections. They prevent potentially harmful and expensive leaks in instrumentation, process, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas and other tubing structures.

The basic SS 310 Double-Ferrule Tube Fitting is a four-piece fitting consisting of a nut a back ferrule, a front ferrule and a body when installed, a five-piece connection with the addition of a tube is made to provide a solid, leak-free connection.

The two ferrules stay securely around the tube without damaging the surface of the tube. Exhaustive studies have shown that the tubing will yield before the Double-Ferrule joint starts to leak.

The reason behind the effectiveness of the Double-Ferrule Tube Fitting lies in the two-ferrule configuration that incorporates geometry and metallurgy. All activity in the fitting is an axial movement along the tube instead of a rotary motion to make the joint. This axial movement prevents the transfer of any torque from being fitted to the tube.

Another advantage of the SS 316 Double-Ferrule Tube Fitting is that the twin ferrule’s swaging action overcomes variations in thickness, hardness, and dimensional tolerance of the tubing wall.

Double-Ferrule Tube Fittings and Single-Ferrule Tube Fittings are easy to assemble and do not require any special equipment. These are reusable multiple times and can withstand heavy pulse and vibration in both vacuum and pressure systems.

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings Features:

  • Self-alignment
  • Work on thick and thin wall tubes
  • Vibration resistance
  • Work on a range of tube materials
  • All components are made of the same material for thermal stability and corrosion resistance
  • Changing temperature resistance
  • Compensation for the variations found in tubes and materials
  • Do not significantly reduce the flow region.

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fitting Performance

  • Work in vacuums, as well as at low and high pressures
  • Seal at low cryogenic temperatures, as well as elevated temperatures rated for the tube
  • Seal consistently over a wide range of temperature cycling
  • Seal repeatedly under both make and remake conditions
  • Resist pressure beyond the tubing burst point

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fitting Applications

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube Fitting is used for specialized applications in oil and gas installations, steam and gas turbines, aerospace, defense, power generation, chemical processing, petrochemical, alternative fuels, shipbuilding, and medical equipment.

These Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings are available in various types and grades out of which SS 304 Instrumentation Tube Fittings and SS 316 Instrumentation Tube Fittings are the two most commonly used grades.

What is Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings?

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